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Facing the present worldwide rapid evolution of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) it is impossible to predict its impact on society and on the world economy. Many aspects of our lives may change in the aftermath of this pandemic crisis. Are we facing an era of change: before COVID-19; after COVID-19?

Teachers and students have been confined to their homes. The former suddenly have been involved with pure teleworking and distance learning - an approach that they were practically unaware of within the traditional face-to-face institutions - adding a heavy workload, but more demanding and creative. The latter having the expectation that this sudden change in the learning model will allow them to maintain contact with teachers, colleagues and the educational institution.

In the near future, the availability of engineering education community to study and to present results of these imminent transformations will be reduced. Therefore, the goal of COVID-19@ENG.EDU round table is to promote a participatory debate on various topics within the scope of engineering education in the present scenario. COVID-19@ENG.EDU will permit to sharing and discussing experiences during this crisis, and reflect how they have changed or can change the teaching model in engineering education.

The round table will include two moderators (Session Chairs) and 9 special guests with 7 minutes each to resume his/her experience-based perspective. After this period, a general discussion will be opened involving the participants and the special guests, for about 60 min.

This Round Table is appropriate to run on a virtual room (e.g., ZOOM or WebEX), if convenient.


  • Online learning
    • Tools
    • Methodologies
    • Experiences
    • Difficulties
    • Results
    • Future challenges

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Important Dates

13 Apr 2020Submission of
- structured abstracts (full paper, short paper, poster) for the main conference
- Special Session Proposals
20 Apr 2020- Notification of acceptance for abstracts for the main conference
- Special sessions notification and announcement
07 Jun 2020Submission of complete papers for all submission types
22 Jun 2020Notification of Acceptance
05 Aug 2020EXTENDED:
- Author Registration Deadline
- Camera-ready due
23 Sep 2020Conference Opening


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