Former keynote speakers at


Kumiko Aoki, Professor at the National Institute of Multimedia Education, Japan
"E-Learning in the Fantasyland: Myths and Reality of Education in Japan"

Peter Dolog, Professor at the Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark
"idSpace: Interactive Social Web Based Learning Support for Creativity in Distrubuted Teams"

Kees-Jan van Dorp, European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU), Research Director
"Adding Value to Open and Distance Education in the Post-2010 Decade"

Arthur Edwards, Professor at the University of Colima, Mexico
"Mexico: A Case Study of Education, Broadband Penetration and a Local Proposal for a Local Problem"

Diem Ho, IBM, Member of the IBM Academy of Technology, Manager of University Relations
"Challenges in Skills Development"

Seth Norberg, Royal Institute of Technology;  Consultant for the Intel Education Initiative, Stockholm, Sweden
Paulo Wollinger, Director of Higher Education Accreditation, Ministry of Education Brazil
"Challenges in a developing country for interactive education – Brazilian efforts"

Kristijan Zimmer, Head of Information Support Center, University of Zagreb, Croatia
"Why are isolated islands only good for vacations ( …and not for e-learning IT infrastructure)"


Erhard Busek, former Austrian Vice-Chancellor, President of the European Forum Alpbach, Chairman of the "Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe", Austria
"Education for Europe – the real future of the continent"
Muriel Dunbar, Director European Training Foundation, EU
"Exploring the market for e-learning in the Near East and northern Africa"
Richard Straub, Secretary General, European Learning Industry Group (ELIG) and Advisor of the Chairman IBM EMEA
"The Global Human Capital Challenge"
Judson Harward, MIT Center for Educational Computing Initiatives, USA
"Building an Ecology of Online Labs"
Torsten Fransson, KTH Stockholm, Vice-Dean School of Energy and Environmental Technology, Sweden
"Interactive Teaching and Learning Platform in Energy Technology"
Nikitas Kastis, President of the European innovation and research network MENON, Director Lambrakis Foundation, Greece
"Sharing a School Education Foresight Exercise"
Kun-woo Park, President Kyung Hee Cyber University, Korea
"E-Learning in Korea"
Jose M. Santana, Ambassador Dominican Republic Presidency, Executive Director International Science & Technology Commission
"Democracy & Education - New Learning Challenges"
Bernd Kreissig, CEO Brockhaus Duden Neue Medien GmbH, Germany
"Modelling and Managing Encyclopedic Knowledge with Semantic Technologies"
P. Tapio Varis, University of Tampere, Professor of Vocational and Professional Education with special emphasis on global learning environments, and UNESCO Chair in Global e-learning, Finland
"Global University in the Knowledge Societies - Finnish Experience for Global Application?"
Rob Reilly, Member of the Executive Committee of the IEEE Education Society; MIT Media Lab
“The Future of Learning – Globalizing in Education” (Panel)


Nicolas Balacheff, Senior Scientist and Manager of the Kaleidoskop Project, CNRS Grenoble, France
       "Learning aware environments: understanding the didactical challenge of ICAL research"
Sidney Burrus,  Senior Strategist for the Connexions Project, Rice University, USA
       "Connexions: A Platform for Interactive Learning"
Roger Larsen, CEO of Fronter AS, Norway
       "Collaborative Working Environments"
Vassil Alexandrov, Director of the Centre for Advanced Computing and Emerging Technologies, University of  Reading, UK
"Next Generation E-Learning: Harnessing the Power of Web2.0"
Andy DiPaolo, Executive Director Center for Professional Development , Stanford University, USA
       "Choices and Challenges: Lessons Learned in the Evolution of Online Education"
Ulf Ehlers, Vice President of the European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning,  University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
       "Competences for Achieving High Quality in E-Learning"
Taisir Subhi Yamin, Director of the Consultation, Training and Continuous Education Center, Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain
       "Advanced Models in e-Learning and School Management"


Burks Oakley
, Associate Vice President and Director of the 'University of Illinois Online', University of Illinois, USA
The What, Why, and How of Podcasting in Higher Education 
Kinshuk, Director of Advanced Learning Technology Research Centre, Massey University, New Zealand and Chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology
Adaptivity Through Cognitive Profiling in Learning Systems
Serge Ravet, CEO European Institute for E-Learning, Champlost, France
Empowering learners with ePortfolios 
Massimo Marchiori, MIT CS Lab and Worls Wide Web Consortium, USA
Next Generation Web and its Impact to e-learning
Rob Reilly, MIT Media Lab, USA
Open Educational Resources/open content
Peter Baumgartner, Danube University Krems, Austria
Social Software - A New Paradigm for eLearning?
Zvonko Fazarinc, Stanford University and Formerly Director Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories Palo Alto, USA
Subatomic Kinematics in Service of Computer Based Learning


Steve Rae, Vice President IBM Learning Solutions:
The future of learning
Pat Manson, European Commission, Head of Unit Technology Enhanced Learning and Cultural Heritage
Technology-enhanced Learning - a View of Current & Future Research
Sam Steinhardt, Executive Director, Stanford University, Center for Innovations in Learning:
High Performance Learning Spaces
Michelle Selinger, Education Strategy Manager, Cisco Systems, Europe, Middle East and Africa:
ICT as a catalyst for informal learning in formal education settings
Erik Duval, K.U. Leuven and President of the ARIADNE Foundation:
A global open infrastructure for learning: and now?
Paul Lefrere, Executive Director E-learning Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa:
Augmented learning - current, future and emerging opportunities
Wim Veen, Delft University of Technology:
Homo Zappiens: Learning Digital


Maruja Gutierrez Diaz, Head of Unit, European Commission DG "Education and Culture":
eLearning: An Answer to the Challenge of the EU Enlargement
Richard Straub, Director of e-Learning Solutions IBM Europe, Middle East and Africa, Chairman of the e-Learning Industry Group:
The Future of Learning - and how to get there
Rob Reilly, MIT Media Lab and University of Memphis:
Outside the box: Well, that's our homeland!
Hermann Maurer, Dean of the faculty of Informatics of the Technical University of Graz, Director of the Institute of Information Processing and Computer aided new Media (IICM):
The Influence of future PC Generations  on Learning
Sebastian Fiedler, University of Augsburg:
Weblogs, Wikis and Webfeeds - are we learning to open source learning


Andrea Karpati, UNESCO Chair for ICT in Education Eötvös Universitaet Budapest (Hungary):
Equity and ICT: The Digital Gap - is it a gender or a poverty issue

Friedemann Matern, ETH Zurich (Switzerland):

Trends in Ubiquitous Computing

Fred de Vries, Open University of the Netherlands: 
Learning Networks connecting people, organizations, autonomous agents and learning resources


M. Marsella ; European Commission, DG Information Society
Technology Enhanced Learning in Europe: State and Future Research

D. Cavallo ; MIT Media Lab (USA)
The future of Learning

M. Paraskevas ; Computer Technology Institute Patras (Greece)
Technology Enhanced Learning in Europe: State and Future Research

P. Kommers ; University of Twente (Netherlands)
Imagination and the Expression of Learning Experience



P. Baumgartner ; University of Innsbruck (Austria)
Visual learning Environments - Pedagogical Considerations

S. Guttormsen-Schär ; ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
using new Learning Technologies with Multimedia

J. Lojda ; University of Brno (Czech Republic)
Economic Aspects of eLearning Applications


H. Maurer ; Graz University of Technology (Austria)
Knowledge Management and its connection to Network aided Education and further Education

Ch. Bouras ; University of Patras (Greece)
Distributed Virtual Reality in Learning

C. H. Cap ; University of Rostock (Germany)
XML goes to School: Markup for Computer Assisted Learning and Teaching


F. Lichtenberger ; FH Hagenberg (Austria)
Symbolic computation based tools for interactive teaching of Mathematics

C. Arapsis ; University of Geneva (Switzerland)
Teleconferencing systems for distance training applications


A. Treichl ; IBM
Global campus and web based training

C. Mueller-Schloer ; Uni Hannover (Germany)
Network computing Trends: in der Prozessorentwicklung