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Facing the present worldwide rapid evolution of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) it is impossible to predict its impact on society and on the world economy. Many aspects of our lives may change in the aftermath of this pandemic crisis. Are we facing an era of change: before COVID-19 / after COVID-19?

Teachers and students have been confined to their homes. The former suddenly have been involved with pure teleworking and distance learning–an approach that many were practically unaware of within traditional face-to-face institutions. This created a heavy workload, with greater demands on time and creativity. Students in this different environment, however, expected to maintain contact with teachers, colleagues, and their educational institution, as would normally occur.


The engineering education is now able to study and present results of the effects of these instructional transformations, although the window for doing so will soon close. Therefore, the goal of the COVID-19@ENG.EDU round table is to initiate a participatory exchange of ideas on several topics within the scope of engineering education in the present scenario. COVID-19@ENG.EDU will include sharing lessons learned from teaching during this crisis and an opportunity to reflect on how the pandemic has changed or can change teaching models in engineering education.


  • Topic 1 – COVID-19: Impact and changes in educational communities
    This topic looks at presenting and discussing the impact and the sudden and unforeseen changes brought about by COVID-19 on educational communities. It will include a look at the context for these changes and widespread perceptions of the global pandemic that has led to, and will continue to result in, unpredictable consequences for public health and the economy. Finally, the impact on local and global communities, as well as individuals, and how their (our) relationships with educational institutions have been affected will be explored.
  • Topic 2 – Online teaching and learning: Experiences and results
    This topic is focused on exchanging and discussing engineering teaching experiences and student learning outcomes in higher education within and among different countries. We want to understand how laboratory and field practices were modified and adapted to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The cases and experiences that are introduced will allow us to reflect on the success (or not) of various practices and help to shape future distance practices in engineering education.
  • Topic 3 – Challenges
    At this stage, the roundtable participants will consider the experiences and results that have begun to emerge and discuss possible strategies for dealing with the broader challenges, thus far. They will also explore the viability of those strategies for future quarantine/confinement requirements, such as a second wave of COVID-19 or the possible outbreak of a new virus. Finally, there will be a discussion of how these pandemic experiences fit into the continued evolution of engineering education and the ongoing digital transformation of society?


  • 17:00 – Moderators and guests presentation
  • 17:10 – 1st topic – COVID-19: Impact and changes in educational communities
  • 17:35 – 2nd topic – Online teaching and learning: Experiences and results
  • 18:20 – 3rd topic – Challenges
  • 18:55 – Summary and conclusions
  • 19:05 – Close

ZOOM address

Meeting ID: 944 5194 4992
Password: 500032


All participants at ICL 2020 can participate in the round table. No prior registration is required.

Questions can be asked to the guests of the table, on each topic.


  • Teresa Restivo, University of Porto, Portugal
  • Luís Mendes Gomes, University of the Azores, Portugal


  • Susan Zvacek, CollegeTeachingCoach.com, USA

Technical chair

  • Paulo Menezes, ISR-Coimbra / University of Coimbra, Portugal


  • Andreas Pesters, British University of Egypt, Egypt
  • Isabel Estrela Rego, IVAR / University of the Azores, Portugal
  • James Wolfer, Indiana University South Bend, United States
  • Mario Bochicchio, Università del Salento, Italy
  • Pablo Orduña, LabsLand, United States
  • Paulo Menezes, ISR - Coimbra, Portugal
  • Pavel Andres, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Teresa Larkin, American University, United States
  • Tiia Rüütmann, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Important Dates

13 Apr 2020Submission of
- structured abstracts (full paper, short paper, poster) for the main conference
- Special Session Proposals
20 Apr 2020- Notification of acceptance for abstracts for the main conference
- Special sessions notification and announcement
07 Jun 2020Submission of complete papers for all submission types
22 Jun 2020Notification of Acceptance
05 Aug 2020EXTENDED:
- Author Registration Deadline
- Camera-ready due
23 Sep 2020Conference Opening


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