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Workshop 1: Decentralising Education Using Blockchain Technology

Facilitator: Dr. Alexander Mikroyannidis, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University (UK)

Abstract: This workshop will explore the different aspects of education that are affected by decentralisation. More specifically, we will outline the ways that ePortfolios, accreditation, tutoring, as well as other aspects of teaching and learning can evolve within a decentralised ecosystem based on the Blockchain. Participants will also have the opportunity to try out and evaluate the tools offered by the QualiChain project for the Blockchain-based award and verification of education and employment qualifications.

Workshop 2: Teaching Environmentally and Sustainability-Conscious Design Projects in Higher Education, using GRANTA EduPack

Facilitator: Vakhitova Tatiana Vadimovna PhD, ANSYS Granta / Academic Relations Team (UK)

Abstract: It is expected that after this workshop its participants will learn how to use EduPack software and its Eco Audit, as well as Social Impact Audit Tools in application to materials selection with sustainability thinking. Participants will receive a trial software license to explore its vast capabilities for an engaging approach to teaching.

Workshop 3: Idea Generation Board Game for Product Development "Create Products"

Facilitators: Erich Scheffl (Mag.Ing) and Jürgen Jantschgi, DI. (Austria)

Abstract: The goal of the workshop is to let participants experience the board game "Create Products" and start a discussion about pros/cons, further applications and/or development options. The purpose of the development of the board game "Create Products" was to develop an attractive board game for product development that fulfils the requirements for the usage in a class teaching environment.

Workshop 4: IGIP Workshop on methodologies to build conceptual questions for assessing important misconceptions in engineering related areas

Facilitators: Prof Teresa Restivo and Prof Diana Urbano (Portugal)

Abstract: This workshop gives an overview on how to construct meaningful questions to evaluate conceptual knowledge in engineering related areas. Due to their versatility, the type of questions that is most used to test conceptual understand are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). After a short presentation of the guidelines to write good quality MCQ, and of how to monitor item quality, the participants will engage in the elaboration of MCQ’s addressing very simple and familiar concepts.

Workshop 5: Reward and recognition of university teaching.

Facilitators: Dr Ruth Graham, Dr Roland Tormey, Dr Gunter Bombaerts, Dr Gunnar Piho (USA, EuroTech Universities)

Abstract: Several universities are planning major changes (or have been changed already, as for instance TalTech) to their academic career pathway and promotion systems to better reward and recognise the teaching achievements of all academics. This workshop is an open discussion of issues, challenges and cases on the topic, with the aim of future possible collaboration.

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